Gokhale Method Workshops & Courses in Australia

Binalong BeachI live in Binalong Bay Tasmania the start of the Bay of Fires. It is a beautiful travel destination and a great place to learn to live pain-free. You can combine the Gokhale Method Foundations Course while enjoying the worlds cleanest air, most beautiful beaches and amazing scenery. If you are looking for a health and well-being retreat to help you live a pain-free life,

contact me. Michelle 0428 223 271  – michelle@gohalemethod.com

The easiest way to see all of my Courses and Free Workshops in one place is to go to my teacher’s page for the latest updates.


I also travel teach throughout Australia or New Zealand

All you need is 8 people for a group class and I will come to you. There may be others interested in your city/town so if you gather some friends and you let us know your intentions, we can help add to the numbers to make it happen for you in your area. Contact Michelle with any questions. Email me michelle@gokhalemethod.com or call 0428 223 271 for more details and information on how we can work together.

For current Courses and workshops in AU see tabs on this page or go to my teacher’s page.

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